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This has been designed for adult fencers who are already competing or wish to compete and want to improve in all aspects of their fencing.  Training includes individual lessons, personal competition schedule and goal setting.  All aspects of fencing training will be incorporated into every session with footwork, bladework, refereeing alongside fencing fitness and conditioning.  We understand that many of you do not wish to be all gung ho and physical on the piste so our coaches will help you enhance your own personal technique to your advantage.  All adults are welcome including those fencing on the veteran circuit.


Places are limited to allow for our coach to become fully acquainted with your fencing needs and style.  Allowing them to focus on what you really need to succeed.  


Our team will nominate both senior and Veteran events so that they will be able to attend events for piste side assistance and continued monitoring of your performance.  Coaching staff will put together a planned personal competition schedule to ensure you are attending the correct type of event giving you the maximum opportunity to move up through the rankings and levels for your age group or category.


Sessions are held every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday with additional optional sparring and lessons on Mondays.  Members of this group will be expected to attend a minimum of twice a week but are able to fence up to 3 sessions per week.  Participants will be given individual lessons according to their own personal competition schedule.


Membership is by application or invitation only.  Places will be offered when space is available.


If you are unsure if this all-inclusive package is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us or speak to our staff at club at any time.


£85.00 Per month

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Adult Competitive Training Programme...

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