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Membership Options...

Monthly Payment

These membership levels are ideal for those that know they are able to attend at least once a week.  The more often you attend the more cost effective it becomes for the member.  Some levels include extra benefits, so please take the time to check out your preferred option.  Sessions available are counted each month  and are not transferable to the next  month.  Payments are collected every month by Paypal, credit card or standing order.  

Annual Payment

All our regular monthly memberships can be purchased on an annual basis.  This entitles you not only to a 15% discount on the yearly total due but 4 individual lessons are thrown in to boot.  If you are a true fencer and know this is your sport for years to come the annual membership not only proves this but also you gain from it too.  Your annual membership can start at any time and will run for 12 months.  Please note annual membership does not apply to any of the high performance memberships  

If you are new to fencing and unsure how much time you are yet to devote to the fencing piste Pay 'n' Play is just for you.  Blocks of sessions are purchased in advance giving you the freedom to drop in at any time you choose and the sessions are knocked off your balance.   Sessions can be redeemed against any regular club class but are not transferrable to 1-2-1 lessons.   Further blocks of sessions can be purchased at any time and added onto your current total of sessions remaining.

Pay 'n' Play

We love our members; our members are important to us and are the lifeblood of the club.  We believe that in becoming a member of Fighting Fit is to become a member of our family.  We have always wanted a big family so please join away...


Members make our sport work, grow and survive.  So please do take the time to look at our membership types, levels and fees.  Membership types are designed for all levels, ages, for those with lots of time for fencing and for those that live a different life style than the norm.  See below for further details or take a look at our chart to help you decide.  You may upgrade at any time; any questions please talk to us. We are here to help.

High performace athlete training & membership HERE


inspire, achieve, enjoy


* Youth Performance 1-2-1 Lessons will be given according to personal competition schedules as set by the coaching team

Gold, Silver & Adult Performance memberships carry a  minimum contract of 3 months


Youth Performance memberships carry a minimum contract of 6 months


You may upgrade your membership at anytime

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Per Month


Per Month