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Birthday Parties...

Over the years we have run birthday parties for all ages - don't just think of childrens' parties :) We have 3 package but we are more than happy to amend or think out of the box for that special person you want to celebrate.  Not only do we do the usual beginner stuff we can run competitions, guys’ V girls for example but best of all we have the game of the century, guaranteed.  Ever tried bursting a balloon that is tied onto another fencer with a metal sword?  well if not you should do, trust me :) Please see our additional extras at the bottom of the page to make your party really go with a bang!



COACHES- Our coaches are fully trained fencing instructors.  They all have worked for us for many years and are part of the Fighting Fit family.  They are fully CRB checked on a regular basis and undergo constant training and updates on any competitive rules changes at FIE level.


HEALTH & SAFTEY:  All our sessions include a full briefing.  The safety rules are quite simple and really basic so it won't be a problem for the children.  We want them to have fun but we do need to ensure the safety rules are followed during the session.   We therefore request every participant attend the first part of the session before they are allowed to fence.  Consistent safety breeches by a child or parent is not permitted, safety must come first so we do have the right to ask participants to sit out for a while if the coach deems it necessary.


KIT & EQUIPMENT - Full use of the best quality FIE kite marked kit and equipment.  All made in the UK our kit is maintained and safety checked before each session.  All our weapons (foils) are made of steel and are of the highest quality.  There are checked for wear and tear on a weekly basis and are maintained by our own in house armorer.  All participants MUST wear a tee-shirt, trainers and tracksuit trousers.  NO SHORTS are permitted.


COST: All packages will be charged at a minimum of 10 people attending.  We are more than happy to run events with smaller attendees, however the minimum charge will be for 10 - sorry.  If more than 16 children are attending an additional coach will be on hand to assist.  This is age dependent of course.


PARTY BAGS: All include the usual silly toys and puzzles; we do try to make them fencing specific I.E pirate patch or plastic medal.  We also add sweets - normally Haribo or similar jelly based product.  However, we are more than happy to replace the sweets for more of a healthy option of fruit non sugar items.  Please just let us know.  We are also happy to add any of your own items to the bags if you would like us to.


ATTENDEES: Attendees can be of any age and fitness.  You do not need to be super fit or young to fence.  Fencing is known as "Chess with a Sword" in Europe so those with a slightly larger grey matter are more likely to outwit or out smart their opponent rather than using just brawn or youth!  However large cross sections of ages may require groups to be split as this is a combat sport so it would be slightly unfair to pit a 6-year-old against a full grown man


VENUE: The prices shown below do not include hall hire at our venue in Archway, North London.  There will be an additional flat fee cost of £20.00 per hour added to the individual package price below:


£17.50 per person


1.5 hours – Tuition, bouts,Mass Battle + Party bags



A great way to start fencing.  This will get the children up and fencing in no time.  Using our kit and equipment the party goers will be able to bout with their friends for fun.  No electrionic fencing will be used in this package.




Warm up Game

Safety talk

Basic footwork & Blaldework

20-25 Mins of fencing bouts

Mass Battle Game

Birthday person is knighted and awarded with a foam sword

Warm down game

Party bags

More Details

Party Packages

Fighting Fit trophies £15.00 each

You gotta have a trophy for the winner :) Trophies are our own Fighting Fit fencer in brass on a wooden base.  


Fighting Fit Medals £6.50 each

Ok you may not like the bling of a trophy - so how about medals instead? or just feeling generous give out metal fencing medals for all those involved.   Isn't everyone a winner?


Printed tee-shirts £15.00 each

Make a statement and keep your fencing memories in a tee-shirt.  Your child’s name on the front plus our logo and their birthday date printed on the back i.e.  “Kate’s 13th Birthday Fencing Challenge” or “Alex's Sword Fighters 10th June 2015”


Refreshments £price on application

Fancy a snack to keep you Fighting Fit during the session.  We can arrange tasty unhealthy snacks and juice to graze over while you fence or go all out and have canapes and mocktails served during your break times. Just let us know what takes your fancy and we will do the rest.


Burst the Balloon Challenge £5.00p/person (Inc +30 mins extra hall hire)

Yep we have a great contraption that allows fencers to strap balloons to their chest and who ever bursts their opponents’ balloon first wins! Sounds silly we know but believe us it’s the best game ever! With specially designed weapons and kit to turn a simple game into the game of the century.  Well worth the fun and we have had some great challenges in the past.    Please note the most popular is the timed challenge against a GB Fencer.  We have members of the current GB/ENG youth teams.  These fencers are aged between 13-19 who will give your guys a challenge to burst the balloon in the fastest time against them for a prize.  Adding the balloon challenge to your package will also add 30 extra minutes to your package time.


Venue £ destination dependent

If you would prefer not to attend our premises which is in a school based in Archway at a cost of £60.00 per hour.  We are more than happy to attend a venue of your choice.  We have covered events in ball rooms, board rooms and even on boats.  You name it we can be there.  Please note there is an additional cost for the hire of any premises this is not included in the price per person above.  We may also charge for travelling time if outside the M25 area.



£21.50 per person


2 hours – Full tuition, bouts and 1 hit win individual competition + Party Bags



One of our most successful plans for beginner.  All the basics are taught alongside one or two more actions to aid the fencers when it comes down to the individual competition. This competition will let the real sword fighters shine and will take on the format of a real competitive event.  Please note no electronic fencing is included.



Party Plan

Warm up Game

Safety talk

Basic footwork, bladework + additional tuition

20-25 mins of fencing bouts

Fencing competition - winner awarded a Gold fencing medal

Birthday person is awarded and knighted with a foam sword

Warm down games (if time - competition dependant)

Party bags


£25.00 per person


2.5 hours - Full tuition, bouts and proper individual (3 hit) competition including electronic scoring equipment + Party bags (includes complimentary FREE fencing taster session for all party attendees.



Our most popular package for those aged 10+ and quite rightly so.  This is the one that really shows the true meaning of fencing.  Obviously, all the required basics are included (see silver & gold) but you will also get the chance to use the electric kit and scoring apparatus throughout the session.  Not only allowing the users an easier way to understand the rules but the double the enjoyment when a light comes on when they make a hit!  



Party Plan

Warm up games (fencing specific)

Safety talks and kitting up

Basic footwork/blade work + additional tuition + rules

30 mins fencing - incls electronic kit

Full 3 hit fencing competition  - medals awarded for 1st, 2nd and two 3rd place finalist

Birthday person is awarded and knighted with a foam sword

Warm down game (time dependant)

Party bags

Additional Extras

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