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We just love beginners' - you are our favourite type of fencer!  We make no bones about it, we want you to enjoy the sport of fencing but we also want you to learn how to fence the modern sport of fencing in the correct way.  Our staff love nothing more than a complete beginner to work with.  Anyone over the age of five can fence at Fighting Fit, regardless of gender or ability and many people take up fencing in their sixties and beyond.   Opponents can compete on equal terms, as strength is not a requirement.  There is no need to worry if you are too slow, fast, large, small, tall or short, fencing has a place for all shapes, sizes and abilities.  Those with a quick mind are more likely to win over those with the perfect physique.


All our beginners' sessions use Olympic style metal fencing equipment NOT the plastic imitation stuff.  We only do the real thing here...

Adult Beginners'

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We offer several types of classes both to suit your timetable and requirement.  However, the basic skills can be acquired during all our beginners' sessions.  All equipment and kit (including electric fencing) will be provided free of charge for all sessions, so a tracksuit, trainers, t-shirt and enthusiasm is all that you will need to bring.


Our beginners will be given a typical warm up, to get the blood flowing and muscles moving.  The group will then be lead through all the necessary basics to be able to have a bout or two at the end of the first session.  Thereafter, you will hone your new found skills and enhance your movement and technical skills.  Groups maybe spilt for this purpose if required.


Once you have completed your beginners' course you will be assessed by a member of staff to ensure you are able to move up into our intermediate classes.  


To find a beginners' class to suit you click the link below

Child Beginners'

Our beginners' classes are the ideal way to introduce your child to our sport in a fun and informative way.  Once children have completed their first course they will be ready to take things on to the next level and begin their fencing journey.  


This journey may lead to a fun and exciting activity where they participate in regular club sessions, learn new skills and make some great friends.  However, it could be a whole different story.....  It could lead to competitions, medals and glory.  It could lead all the way to becoming a fencing star!  Who knows where it could take them, perhaps even Olympic success!  Sound a bit unrealistic?  We don't think so, in fact, we know that this can be more than a dream.  We know this because so many of our children who have had this dream have progressed a long way down the pathway to their dreams.  Our young fencers are National Champions, Great Britain fencers and members of the Olympic pathway. We are not the most successful youth foil club in the UK for no reason :)  


So, if you want your kids try our sport and live their dreams book a course today by following the link below:

Sign my child up for fencing I have a pre-purchased voucher

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