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Adult Beginners' Options...

4 Week Course £85.00

Project name and description

This weekly course is designed for those that would like to learn the sport in full.  The course will start on a given date and you will be expected to attend for the following 3 weeks on the same day at the same time to complete your course.  Each session is 75 minutes long allowing the coach ample time to spend with each participant.  You will use full electric scoring equipment and the last week consists of a mini competition with prizes for the winners. 

3 Hour Workshop £85.00

The 3 hour workshop follows the same course material as the 4 week just condensed into 3 hours.  All the basics will be taught  and a quick fire or team competition will be held.  Please note a certain level of fitness is required to complete this course as time only allows for short breaks.  However, for those unable to commit to 4-weeks and eager to throw themselves into a fast paced non-stop workshop this will be right up your street ;)

Our 1 hour intro teaches you all the necessary basics to begin fencing.  The course material is reduced  but we do not compromise on standards.  All participants will learn similar techniques to our other beginners' classes just a few less attack and defence moves.   This is also a great refresher for those that have not fenced in a while.  Electric kit is used only if time allows, the instructor will gauge the group on the day.

1 Hour Intro £27.50

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We guarentee you will be fencing against an opponent in your first lesson regardless class type

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